Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daily Eats ~ June 21st

It's the first day of summer, and as usual, it's raining! I don't know about where you live, but here in NYC we're on record of it raining nearly EVERY day of June so far! It's getting to be depressing! Perhaps VeggieGirl will bring us some luck?! ;) (I say that because she's coming here on vacation this week.) Anyways, on to...

I'm using up the last box of Trader Joe's French Toast. I took 2 slices and cut them into 4 pieces, topped with TJ's Maple Syrup, and had some strawberries and a dollop of real whipped cream alongside. I also had a glass of Dole's Pineapple Orange juice for something different!

I had 2 Tofu Pups wrapped in Pillsbury Reduced Fat Crescent Rolls, and I split one slice of Horizon Organic American Cheese into 2 and put a strip on each crescent roll before rolling up the pups. I had some ketchup on the side for dipping, and I cut up 2 oranges to have with it as well. This is a GREAT lunch to have... really tasty!

Mom was making some coleslaw and Peanut was "helping." Can you guess what he's eating in this pic?

CABBAGE! I swear my cat's a veggie too! lol I always joke around about that because he's not a fan of meat and mainly just likes fish (as his meat source) and whatever vegetarian thing Mummy's having!

I had a Clif Mojo PB & J Bar. Doesn't it look yummy?

I also had a Naked Juice later...

I had an Amy's Single Serve Cheese Pizza and I finished the rest of my Naked Juice from earlier with it. This pizza tastes as good as the kind you'd get here in NYC, only since it's Amy's you can bet it's healthier!

I spread a Vitamuffin with Nutella and I had some berries on the side with a bit of real whipped cream. This is a really yummy dessert!

I just realized that I didn't make a mention of Father's Day today... To be honest, I'm not particularly close with my father, so it's not my favorite holiday! It's a long story, but he was not a very good role model for me growing up and has caused a lot of problems in my life. Still, he does care and I know that he'd do anything to help me. So for that I'm grateful I guess. For those of you who have great Dads, know how lucky you are (I'm sure you already do!).


VeggieGirl said...

I'll try to bring some sunshine with me ;-)

Healthy Beach Bum said...

that's funny about your kitty eatin cabbage :)

that bar looks amazinggg. never heard of that flavor before!

Sarah Mila said...

Your cat is adorable! And that french toast looks amazing! <3

Julie said...

Thanks for commenting and finding my blog, because now I found yours too :-)

Adding you to my blogroll for sure :-) cant wait to read more

Anonymous said...

Ooo I love the clif bar, I haven't seen that kind before.

Anonymous said...

What are those little owls in the background of the Naked juice photo? are they salt n pepper grinders? I love em anyway.

Marina said...

Rose ~ Yes, they are salt and pepper shakers! Aren't they cute? I found them for Mom at Antrhopologie a year or so ago.

Char said...

Nutella is amazing.>I had to get rid of it LOL..i was eating too much of it. Great on pancakes. YUM

I'm not close to my father either, I understand that feeling. =(