Saturday, June 6, 2009

Daily Eats ~ June 6th

I'm making a run to Petco this morning to get more food for Peanut. I slept pretty late for me these days (10:30), so I'm getting a later start than usual. Still, it was nice to sleep for a change! :)

Similar to yesterday morning, I had 2 slices of the delicious Trader Joe's French Toast (which is nearly perfect right out of the box... great texture, real french toast, just needs to be heated in the toaster oven for a few minutes and it tastes like it's homemade!), with Trader Joe's fabulous maple syrup, a few berries, and a glass of OJ!

I had a late lunch as well... on my way back from Petco (and other errands) I got a Nantucket Nectars Pineapple Orange Guava juice! This brings me back to the summer of 1996 when I went to Nantucket with my Mom and Grandparents. We drank a lot of these there!

Then when I got home I had an Amy's Mac N' Cheese Kids Meal... it came with broccoli and apple turnovers... yum! I figured since it was a kids meal, I might as well put it on a kiddy plate! lol

Peanut enjoyed it too :)

I had a Fage 2% cherry yogurt with some Trader Joe's granola with almonds.

Peanut's afternoon nap...

He's sleeping in the toy box I made him out of one of my shoe boxes. :) As you can see he has plenty of toys!

I tried Trader Joe's Mushroom Risotto tonight... I wasn't wild about it, and only ate about half, so I cooked up a veggie dog to have with it. Overall, I didn't really like this dinner. Oh well though, I'm sure I'll like dessert later! ;)
(I also had an orange after dinner - not pictured)

Dessert DEFINITELY made up for dinner! I had a Trader Joe's Chocolate Souffle. It was absolutely incredible! I topped it with a bit of fat free Cool Whip and a single raspberry (just for a fancy touch!). Actually, here in Manhattan you'd pay at least $1o for this dessert, so I think it's a steal! Now how amazing does that look?!

Are you also trying to overcome an ED and learn how to eat normally again? Does this blog inspire you? Trigger you? Let me know how you feel!


ohsoravenous said...

Don't worry about not getting much traffic at first - the blogging community still doesn't know you, but I promise in time if you keep posting and commenting more people will show up (:

Marina said...

Thanks! I have another question... are you supposed to reply to your comments here like I'm doing now, or on the person's blog?

ohsoravenous said...

I'd say on the person's blog, since it's unlikely they'll be checking back once they've read your post, ya know?

Marina said...

I know what you mean... I wasn't sure of the correct blog etiquette though! lol