Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daily Eats ~ June 24th

It's that time of the month and I've been having terrible PMS symptoms. :( Last night I got a bad headache that I woke up with this morning-- although I think it's finally going away now (thank God!). Anyways, I'm still stressing over this kitten thing... so again, if you can, please spread the word to everyone you know (in the NY area) about Peanut's sister needing a home! I'd really appreciate it!

Anyways, I thought I'd share some pics my Mom took of me and Peanut last night... he loves to sleep on us, it's so cute!

I had 2 Van's Belgian Waffles with TJ's Maple Syrup and some strawberries. I topped the waffles with a bit of real whipped cream (I think this is a GREAT alternative to butter! Just as tasty and way less cals/fat!). I also had an Apple & Eve juice box with it.

I had breakfast for lunch! Amy's new Breakfast Scramble Wrap. This was pretty tasty, although a bit dry...

I happened to be going by a Jamba Juice this afternoon, and the line wasn't long (for a change!), so I decided to go in. I got a "Aloha Pineapple," minus the bananas (because I hate them! lol). So instead they substituted for more strawberries, which was fine by me! I got a sixteen ounce by the way (which is expensive enough!). It was really good and hit the spot on this very humid day.

When I came home I realized that they didn't offer me a free "boost" like they used to! :( Oh well.

I had my last 2 Tofu Pups wrapped in my last 2 Pillsbury crescent rolls (I had some ketchup on the side for dipping). I made an Annie's single serve Mac & Cheese and added in a single serving packet of Birds Eye Steamfresh Peas. (Sorry the pic came out blurry!)

Peanut eyeing the mac & cheese! :)

I had a chocolate Vitamuffin with Nutella and a single sliced strawberry. (Yes, another blurry picture... wtf is wrong with me?! lol)

Still no word on finding someone to adopt Peanut's sister... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone contacts me though!

I still have no word on whether or not I'll be working at Sephora (or which one) either! And that job interview was over 3 weeks ago. {See here} I did speak to the regional director of Sephora today though, so I guess she's supposed to get back to me soon on where I'll be working (if at all).

And the headache that I told you about earlier did go away, but then along came the cramps! I absolutely hate periods. I know that it's good that I get them again though, because I didn't get them for all of 2007 and some of 2008! The saddest thing of all, is that I didn't know ONE model who had regular periods. There's nothing "natural" about how skinny models are today, folks. I really feel for young girls today, growing up and aspiring to be skinny like them, not knowing what the consequences are. :(

Again, I appreciate the comments, so keep them coming!


Healthy Beach Bum said...

adorable kitty pics :)

I just had a waffle too !

Ashleigh said...

Sorry about the bad PMS, I get it bad too and just feel like staying in bed when I do.

rosecoffee said...

Love the Peanut pics.

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

aww i love annies mac n' cheese. such a simple comfort :)

Sarah Mila said...

Those Vans belgian waffles look amazing! Good luck with Sephora and finding someone for Peanut's sister!!


Char said...

THe food looks amazing, I can definitely take suggestions from your page. And the cat!! OHHH the cat. I want a kitty so bad (my apt won't allow, sigh), so this page is indulgent for me. Food and kitties!

I will definitely be coming back to your page!

If you get the chance, take a peek at mine. I write about fitness and health to. =)

have a great day!

Melinda said...

those vita muffins look scrumptious!