Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daily Eats ~ June 28th

I hope everyone is having a good weekend... I'm just going to be running some errands today (including getting more food for Peanut). He has some Petite Cuisine's coming from this week, but I'm afraid he'll run out before they get here! Anyways, on to...

I made my last 2 Van's Pancakes, topped them with a bunch of fresh blueberries, dollops of whipped cream, and a drizzle of TJ's maple syrup. I also had a glass of OJ with it (not pictured).

I had an Amy's Tofu Scramble in a Pocket Sandwich along with a Mott's Peach Medley apple sauce.

As usual, Peanut came running as soon as he heard me open the applesauce! This is his favorite for some reason.

I didn't really have one today, because I was planning on trying the new Pinkberry yogurt parfait, but the line was out the door (mainly because I live in Greenwich Village and today is the "Gay Pride" parade). So instead I came home and added a Special K Pink Lemonade Protein Water Mix into my Poland Spring water.

I was still really hungry, so I had a handful of Blue Diamond Cinnamon Brown Sugar almonds!
(These are my favorite and really good for you too!)

I had 2 Tofu Pups in buns (with ketchup for dipping) with Annie's single serve mac & cheese, and I added in a packet of Birds Eye Steamfresh single serve peas.
(Couldn't finish the buns though.)

I got a box of Glenny's 100 calorie chocolate chip brownies and a new jar of Nutella today! So I figured, why not combine the two?! I warmed up one of the brownies in the microwave, topped with Nutella, and sliced a strawberry to go with it. Yum!

Peanut sleeping with "Pellet" the beanie baby. I think he thinks it's one of his siblings. :)

Instead of making a mention about Peanut's sister on every post, I decided to do something I should have done to begin with, and that is to put a little advertisement in the top right hand corner of the blog... just for a while until she gets adopted!


Anonymous said...

pancakes are such a great start to the day- hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

Thanks for the Candle info- there is a place in the village that also was on my list but I can't remember the name...vegan and I think it's Red Bamboo? WF how foods bar is always good with me :)

Anonymous said...

I always love your breakfasts.

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

i really need to try those tofu pups!! they are everywhere! delicious eats.

VeggieGirl said...

Too bad about not getting to try Pinkberry - definitely go when the parade mayhem has died down!!

Aww, Peanut & Pellet are precious :-)

Sarah Mila said...

Peanut is adorable with his little head in the applesauce! I love nutella, I haven't had that stuff in forever :(. <3