Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daily Eats ~ June 30th

Well, it's been a whole month since I started this blog! It flew by! Anyways, for anyone who is interested, here is my first blog post.

I wanted to make a breakfast similar to one that I've gotten at a restaurant called Caravan of Dreams in the East Village. It's called "Angel Toast." Basically it's cinnamon toast topped with almond butter, fruit, and fruit preserves. In lieu of almond butter, I was going to use peanut butter, but I figured it would overwhelm the flavor of it, so all I would taste is peanut butter! So instead I took 2 slices of cinnamon toast (after burning the first 2 and throwing them away-- don't ask, but I was keeping Peanut out of trouble-- he is very feisty in the morning!), and I topped them with berries and a drizzle of maple syrup. I had a glass of Dole's Pineapple Orange juice with it. This was good, but of course, not nearly as good as the dish at the restaurant!

Peanut taking a quick morning nap in my lap...

I made 2 veggie cheese dogs by slicing 2 Tofu Pups down the middle, putting a sliced piece of american cheese in them and microwaving them in the buns for a few seconds. I had ketchup in a cup alongside and cut up 2 oranges to have with the pups! I also had a rainbow cookie after lunch (not pictured).

I was going to try the new Pinkberry parfait that I was talking about the other day, but since I had a big lunch I figured I'd wait until tomorrow to have it. Instead I had a mini chocolate bar that I got at Fairway yesterday... their Fruit & Nuts Chocolate Bar. This was very good!

Peanut's Petite Cuisine's came from Amazon.com today, but he only seemed to be interested in chewing on the boxes that it came in! lol

I had an Amy's Baked Ziti Bowl for dinner (still can't believe it's vegan because the cheese tastes so real-- this bowl is a real winner!). I also had another rainbow cookie after dinner (not pictured).

I had enough desserts/sweets today, so I decided to have something healthier. I had a WholeSoy & Co. vanilla yogurt with blueberries, strawberries, TJ's granola with almonds, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

(Oh, and I also had a 100 calorie Quaker Chocolate Chip Granola Bar that I got for free in Union Square the other day! Not pictured.)

I have really enjoyed blogging this past month and as always, I really appreciate your comments/feedback!


Peanut Butter Swirl said...

mm this toast sounds SO GOOD :D
i always hate when you cant taste the pb flavor :\

Sarah Mila said...

Yum, That toast looks great. I need to get some cinnamon bread and maybe make french toast with it!


Julie said...

happy one month! :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow you can really tell how much Peanut has grown.

The hotdogs are making my mouth water, I'm craving one right now.

Jenny said...

happy one month girlie :)! here's to many more!

VeggieGirl said...

Happy 1-month of blogging!! Keep it up :-)

Char said...

Happy 1 month girl!

Are the veggie dogs any good? I always wondered.